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Rising Up from Childhood Trauma to Create a 7-Figure Business with Tara Mullarkey

Tara Mullarkey is a Master Business Coach, Soon-to-Be Author, has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC, and Fox, and has been coaching for over 9 Years!

After retiring from Wall Street & Corporate America and graduating with her MBA, she traveled the world in India, Thailand, Bali, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Tulum, Morocco, Mexico, and created her online coaching business.

Tara underwrote, sold and managed over $500 million in highly leveraged loans in the corporate finance sector, worked for the largest hedge fund in the world as well as a Fortune 50 company.

Tara is a Master Coach and a life, mindset, business, emotional intelligence coach. She's sold over $1 million in coaching program sales and has worked with a range of 6, 7, and 8 figure clients in +20 countries, including some of the top experts in their field. She is known as their high ticket sales secret weapon!

She lives by the ocean in San Diego, California, and is an avid bachata and salsa dancer.

Here are the key points:

  • Tara’s journey from Wall Street to the coaching industry.

  • Her experience with being laid off from her job in the financial industry in 2009.

  • How she detached herself from the expectations of her parents and other people.

  • How Tara broke away from actually being the parental role to her entire family.

  • The importance of healing your childhood wounds so you can create a 6-figure business.

  • Her experience with traveling around the world for 3 years.

  • The significant money shift that you need to make to break past the 7-figure ceiling.

  • The “capacity issue” - defined and how many of us have that.

  • Must read: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

  • Concrete examples of what it looks like to expand your capacity.

  • Ask yourself: what is underneath this busy-ness that is not real?

  • How to create safety and capacity in the body.

  • The outer shifts that people need to make to get to 7-figures.

  • Why Tara decided to sell high ticket offers.

  • “Clients who pay more get better results.”

  • How to structure your business as a high ticket business.

  • “You can be largely unknown and have a 7-figure business.”

  • How the different archetypes tie into your business model.

  • The impact of somatic support that gets you back into your body, instead of just talk therapy.

  • Her high-level process of enrolling people into her program.

  • The importance of making our business about numbers instead of emotions.

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