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Nurture Marketing Simplified with Tamika Auwai

Updated: Feb 4

After a layoff, a baby, and an epiphany more than a decade ago, Tamika Auwai, left the corporate world and hasn’t looked back…even after a failed first business left her young family with a year’s salary worth of debt.

Instead, Tamika dove headfirst into mastering the art of content marketing and her own inner game to create a thriving business, while helping others do the same.

Tamika is the CEO of Orisha Creative, a full service, nurture marketing agency serving 7-figure Coaches and experts in the personal growth field.

She has appeared on local and national television in Canada. Learn more about Orisha Creative at

Here are the key points:

  • Tamika’s background in marketing development and how she mastered the art of content marketing.

  • Her powerful insights with nurture marketing and the trap of always trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • How you really nurture people as a 7-figure coach.

  • How 7-figure earners show up differently with their content creation.

  • The visionary capacity difference between 6 and 7-figure earners.

  • The importance of mastering your message and how to go about that.

  • The hesitation that people have with sticking to their messaging and niching down too far.

  • Where you can experiment with your messaging.

  • The inner and outer shifts that 7-figure earners go through.

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