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Expanding to 8-Figures by Aligning with Source Consciousness with Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman has a 14-year track record as an international thought leader, speaker, and author on the topic of Life Transformation. She is the Founder and CEO of Life Transformed University™ a 10-million-dollar company that has worked with over 150,000 people around the world including Australia, Germany, Mexico, India, and South Africa. Rikka has certified 220 coaches in her proprietary methodology who scale her work into a variety of industries including healthcare, non-profits, business, and personal development. She is a Member of Associated Transformational Leaders, and an award-winning songwriter/singer whose album “The Miracle” debuted in top 20 albums on iTunes and was nominated for a emPower POSI Award for excellence in transformative music and songwriting. She is in the top 2% of women in business earning 7 figures annually. As a survivor of stage 4 cancer, Rikka’s life and work is a testament to the importance of aligning with higher consciousness and it’s miraculous healing and transformational powers.

  • Her most horrific, yet beautiful, experience with having Stage 4 cancer.

  • The opportunity we have to transform ourselves during our darkest moments and her advice to not waste it.

  • What she learned about trying to control other people’s experiences.

  • How her business structure changed in light of her cancer diagnosis.

  • The impact of checking in with your regrets. “Who do I have to be to never regret this moment?”

  • How to align with source consciousness in your business and life.

  • “Don’t die to really start living.”

  • Ask yourself - “What are you teaching that really matters?”

  • The differences between 3D, 4D and 5D business.

  • “You have to get right with your soul and who you are and really show up authentically.”

  • The change in marketing techniques between 3D and 5D business.

  • How everything shifted when she realized it’s not really her business, but rather Source’s business.

  • When you move into that energy (that Source is running your business), you become unstoppable.

  • Everything is about returning to Source, so if you make your whole business about returning to source, then the Universe will create more and more and more.

  • The importance of being transparent and vulnerable to her clients with her cancer diagnosis.

  • The realization that she had that allowed her to get to 8 figures.

  • Her external shifts that she had to have to get to 8 figures.

  • “Employing source” - her recommendation to ask for help and how that grew her business to 7 figures within 12 months.

  • Remember: “People like to be helpful.”

  • What if right now there’s a whole different version of your life that exists that is happening at a higher level of vibration? What if the bridge between where you are now and living that life is releasing the focus of ego, fear, separation, beliefs, and turning your attention towards Source and the miracle of life that we’re living in?

  • You’re the key to your own universe.

  • Free Event - Uniting in Higher Consciousness: June 22 - 24, 2021, Learn more:

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