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The Importance of Personal Branding, and How to Do it Right with Nancy Marmolejo

Understanding the difference between the marketing focus and sales focus is definitely vital and that’s what our guest, Nancy Marmolejo, explains in this episode.

Nancy Marmolejo's obsession with personal branding started at the ripe old age of 14 while working at her dad’s flea market. She learned that the most memorable, relatable people sold the most! Nancy carries that philosophy into her work today as a top coach in personal branding and leadership. 

Nancy is an award winning business owner, social media fanatic, keynote speaker, frequent guest expert, cutthroat trivia player and tender-hearted cat lover. She’s currently finishing up a book on creativity and leadership. Find her at

Let’s join Jennifer and Nancy in their conversation and learn proven principles that will open the door for you to crossover to the 7-figure threshold.

• How the marketing path unfolded for Nancy.

• The world of online marketing.

• The difference between “marketing focus” and “sales focus.”

• How Nancy shaped how we show up on social media today.

• How to build the “know, trust and like” factor.

• The three important things that Nancy focuses on.

• Why it’s important to be a “little weird.”

• “If we do marketing well, we really don't need to spend a lot of energy on selling.”

• The importance of being likable and being comfortable in your own skin.

• Leveling up takes intention and focus, and some old habits to break-in.

• How people are showing up with their personal brand and their marketing at 7- figures.

• Examples of branding nightmares.

• “Get yourself out there in a different way.”

• Get Nancy’s free gift, "10 Bold Moves For Your Personal Brand”

• Learn more about how Nancy works with her clients here:

• “Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the ticket to success because then you don't care about what people think. You're able to focus and you stay true to you.” - Nancy Marmolejo

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