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Maintaining The Big Picture – What Leaders Must Do

Every leader knows that they need to focus on the big picture and avoid micromanaging. Seeing and maintaining the big picture is a quality needed for all leaders. But what are the things that can be done in order to focus on the big picture and make sure that the company’s goals are achieved?

#1 Brainstorm with your team.

Two heads are better than one and while this may seem a very old adage, this is still very relevant in today’s management and leadership development. Although you are expected to make the big decisions, it will still help to involve the rest of the team (where appropriate) so they too will understand the importance of focusing on the big picture to achieve the tasks.

Coach’s tip: creating a team vision board for a project can be very unifying and can pull out unexpected million dollar ideas.

#2 Establish attainable goals.

You have to establish goals that are attainable based on your vision. Your training in the past can help provide you with stepping stones when it comes to personal and professional development.

The rest will be dependent on your personal goals and what you will do to achieve it. Any types of businesses require a set of functional long term planning because as we can see, the market shifts continuously and without warning. These changes are largely based on the ever shifting market demands of consumers from different categories. Without the proper and strategic business solution, most ventures will certainly fail to adapt whenever an unexpected shift in the market happens.

Coach’s tip: create a timeline of each step to map out what the project actually looks like - it’s likely that you’ll need to add an additional week per step as far as completion of deadlines go - we tend to think that things can be executed quicker than they actually can.

#3 Be creative.

Managing a team needs your creativity to be in full swing in order for you to be able to keep pace because being a leader means that you have to invent and find better methods on how to have the edge and maintain it against your business competitors. Being creative means you are able to find new and better ways to make things happen for the sake of the business while offering your clientele various options they can benefit from. Leadership does not just mean that profit for you and the business. It is also about offering new opportunities for others to advance by providing jobs to those qualified for the position.

Focusing on the main goal of the company can help leaders maintain the big picture. With that in mind, you will be able to create an environment which you can run and take full control of instead of the business controlling you.

Coach’s tip: playing things like Mozart Effect for creativity, or having dance breaks can add that extra oomph to any planning session, plus….music is universal and tends to unify minds and hearts effortlessly.

Please leave a comment in the section below about any a-ha’s or even challenges that you’re having re: maintaining the big picture.

To your success,

Jennifer xo

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