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The Tactical Steps to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur with Luisa Zhou

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Luisa Zhou is the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur system, which teaches people how to leave their day job and start their own six-figure plus business working for themselves. She’s helped thousands of students to launch their own businesses that generate anywhere from 30K to 100K in less than a year. Her advice has been featured in numerous online and print publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Success magazine, and more.

Here are the key points:

  • Her strategy for building her current business to $1.1 Million in sales in its first 11 months.

  • How she decided what to focus her energy on in the beginning.

  • Why she focused on one product/program alone in the beginning.

  • How she actively worked on being confident that her business was going to work.

  • The exact process she did to shift her negative money beliefs.

  • How she juggled her full time job at a digital advertising tech start-up while building her first online business to 6-figures (in 4 months) before she turned in her notice.

  • A breakdown of her launch strategy (for launching courses and group programs) for creating $800K in sales per launch consistently, without affiliates, over the last 4 years.

  • Her best tips, from helping students in over 30 different industries, to get started today and get your first paying clients on the side within the next 4 weeks.

  • Where she believes her business is headed in the future.

  • Her advice to “Keep it Simple” and exactly how to do that.

  • Learn more:

  • Instagram: luisa.zhou

  • YouTube Channel:

  • Her free gift - “The proven "Escape Velocity" Plan for building a profitable online coaching business that frees you from the 9-5”:

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