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Strategize Your Virtual Summit with Liam Austin

Updated: May 7, 2020

Show notes:

Liam Austin is a virtual events strategist. He has launched over 15 various successful virtual summits and has educated more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and hosted over 400 speakers. Liam is a co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ. He educates people on different ways to create their own successful virtual summits and conferences.

Here are the key points in our discussion with Liam:

  • How he started with a LinkedIn group in 2008 consisting of small business owners.

  • In 2015, that group became the largest group for small business owners. The people in the group wanted to connect with each other and so they did webinars on a weekly basis for almost 3 months.

  • In 2015, he held his first virtual summit. He invited top influencers in LinkedIn had over 15,000 attendees in attendance.

  • Mindset shift: Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth. Do not undersell yourself.

  • The importance of surveying people and asking people what they want.

  • The most important keys to hosting your own virtual event.

  • The benefits of a virtual summit.

  • Virtual summit – brings in the leads and gives you the authority to sell.

  • Why your biggest assets are your email list and your website.

  • Tip: Create an event that stands out because there’s so much competition right now. Then do it annually to create momentum and to continuously bring leads in.

  • Lastly, NOW is the best time to launch your own virtual event. But you have to do something different to get the highest quality leads.

  • Visit this website to know more about Liam’s program:

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