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How to Crack the 7-Figure Code with Kymberlie Dimozantos

Kym’s impact is changing the vibration in the world of women in business.

Whether by creating global political change as the youngest Political Campaign Director in Australia, changing the profitability and impact of her global clients, or changing her own circumstances and creating and growing a business that is aligned with her core beliefs, Kym’s brilliance is making a global impact for women. How?

The Lightning Rod Agency creates financial empowerment and success mindsets through smart marketing and female-led business growth.

She is the chief lightning rod that leads the agency of the same name, a collective of wickedly brilliant women who create sound strategies, supports, processes and profits for their equally brilliant female clients.

Client results range from growing from $100k to $1M in 12 months, tripling their monthly profit to $100k, to expanding their online influence to over 150k+ followers, to embracing life outside of work and so they can actually take (workfree) vacations!

This increased profitability is the currency that allows Kym’s clients to entertain more options for furthering their own impact in the world by supporting causes they believe in, becoming their own respective ‘forces of nature’.

Kym is a lightning rod of a woman. She’s bright, quick, forceful and makes an impact. And, you never know where her brilliance will strike next!

Here are the key points:

  • Kym’s journey with stepping into being an entrepreneur.

  • How she knew she wanted to be a leader for her business.

  • Her greatest advice for early entrepreneurs.

  • The pressure that we put on kids to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives at 18 - and how we carry that pressure as an entrepreneur.

  • The mindset shift from going to 6 figures to 7 figures.

  • The universal beliefs of “I’m not enough” and “who am I to make this amount of money?” and how to navigate that.

  • Her strategies for leveraging and scaling to cross to the 7-figure mark.

  • How to choose the right business model for you.

  • Her beautiful philosophy: “Brilliant women who support brilliant women will change the world.”

  • Her ideal client and why she doesn’t do “cookie-cutter.”

  • Kym’s core belief for why businesses aren’t getting the growth that they want.

  • The importance of looking at your services and articulating what your services cost.

  • Why she didn’t follow what other coaches told her to do and why her greatest growth came from forging her own path.

  • “You should always be questioning things to determine what feels best for you.”

  • “It’s the integrity piece that builds a business.”

  • “Taking radical responsibility will propel your business forward.”

  • To learn more about Kym and how she can help you:

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