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Scaling Your Business Through Private Labeling with Karen Gwartzman

In this episode, Karen and Neil Gwartzman of Private Label University help us learn an incredible way to scale your business and finally experience the breakthrough of reaching the 7-figure mark.

Karen and Neil are founders of Private Label University. They are also best-selling authors of the Private Label Secrets and creators of the easy-to-follow step by step signature process Private Label Blueprint. And for over three decades, they have been private labeling products for some of the largest retail stores around the globe, making them two of the most experienced and successful private label experts you'll find in the world. So Neil ended up getting into private labeling in 1983 and went on to teach Karen in 2004 when she was a dental hygienist looking for ways to make extra money.

If you're going to learn from people, you want to learn from people that have been in the trenches and have a certain degree of mastery. Karen and Neil are definitely those folks. listen to this episode to learn more about what private labeling is and how it can grow your business exponentially.

• How Karen and Neil became the leading authority on private labeling.

• What exactly is private labeling?

• The myths people have with private labeling.

• “You don't want to redirect them someplace else.” - Neil

• Weighing out the pros and cons of a live product.

• How to make sure that products are labeled properly.

• The virtual live event by Karen and Neil.

• The annual Canton Fair event in China: April 2020.

• The steps to scale a private label product to create a 7-figure income stream.

• The importance of keeping the business in one place and keeping loyalty strong.

• Honing in on who you are and what you are looking to achieve.

• Why it’s critical to be passionate about what you do.

• “Opportunities are always around you. It's whether or not you want to choose that opportunity to jump on to and go with it.” - Karen

• Must-read book: Big Magic.

• Connect with Karen and Neil:

• Go to their website for a free short webinar about private labeling.

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