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Simplify to Multiply with Joy Bufalini

Joy has been in the coaching industry for over 10 years and has been featured in both Entrepreneur and O magazines. Using her signature Simplify to Multiply Method®, she helps her clients double and triple their sales without doing any launches, webinars, sales funnels, or ads. As a mom to a young adult with special needs, she understands that your business is your passion and you love being a high-achiever, but you don’t want your business to burn you out or take you away from your family priorities either. Simplify to Multiply was the unconventional path she created to scale from 1K months to 7 figures in just 4 years.

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  • Joy’s experience with burn out and having a nervous breakdown.

  • Her “shift moment” that happened 4 years ago when she was ready to make some serious money.

  • “We have to get clear on what we’re tolerating.”

  • The difference between being a manager and being a CEO.

  • The inner shifts that you must have to get to 7-figures.

  • “There’s always a simpler way.”

  • The specific techniques that she uses to simplify her business.

  • Why she minimizes the tech pieces in her business.

  • Her business motto: “High ticket, low tech”

  • Why she doesn’t use the typical business funnel strategies.

  • Why she doesn’t do sales calls.

  • The level of boundaries that you must have at each new stage of business.

  • Her daughter Amber’s special message: “Enjoy the simple things in life, all that matters is now, love everyone as they are.”

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