• Jennifer Longmore

How to Effectively Connect with Other Leaders for Strategic Partnership

Knowing how to collaborate with other business organizations is a vital factor in helping any growing company become successful. Having a strategic partner can provide your organization with supplemental capital or allow you to leverage their brand so your company will have the necessary exposure it needs.

This approach can help you gain business opportunities by offering your services that you partner cannot and at the same time, you are also able to build competencies within your team. When your setup works well, establishing a strategic partnership can be the vital factor you need for the needed growth of your business.

Strategic partnership among CEOs can take a lot of forms but involving yourself in a collaboration wherein you can be able to create a system that will work for you and the people around you, it would mean that you have been successful in achieving professional development while allowing your own business to grow successfully. Following the key steps towards successful partnership based on the concept of business collaboration specific to what your organization needs may provide a good foundation for developing significant skills among your staff crucial to personal and professional development of the entire team.

Getting into partnership with other business organization is one of the most important stages of beginning a new venture whether you want to simply establish a professional connection, looking for a new way to augment your business, or you want to collaborate to achieve similar goals. And while there are certain things you will learn with strategic partnerships, the first thing you need to know is how to train yourself to think differently. This will be a lot easier if you understand how it will impact not only your team’s development but the growth of your business as well.

Finding the perfect strategic partner is just the same as finding your CEO or key employees. You will be working closely together, that is why it is essential to have a good connection. Do not be afraid to trust your instincts. If your gut tells you that something is not right, regardless of whether everything looks good, it will still be a smart move to be cautious.

Regardless of the business environment, strategic partnership creates a win-win-win, but in order to do that you must hold a give-give-get mindset.

We often think doing it alone gets us to our destination quicker, but often the juiciest and most fulfilling ventures are those done in collaboration.

Coach’s tip: make a list of the types of business that are a compliment to the work that your company does, then scan your ‘rolodex’ to see who you are already connected to within those companies, and begin reaching out.

Share your insights below - I’d love to hear what this brought up for you.

To your success,

Jennifer xo

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