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Extracting Yourself from Doing Too Much of the Front Line Work - Learn How To Extract Yourself From

Being a leader these days seems to come with much more pressure and illusion that there are 48 hours in a day to get everything done.

Apart from your regular responsibilities like hiring, training, monitoring, coaching, planning and evaluating, you are also expected to envision the company’s goal, build alliances, motivate your team, implement work deadlines, prioritize projects, assign tasks, manage your budget, and a whole lot more hodgepodge of both major and minor duties.

When you start to lose the ability to inspire your team to complete pressing projects, it’s tempting to jump in and do the work.

Please don’t!

Aside from the fact that this is not sustainable, it enables your team to underperform, and if that is not shifted, prepare to double your workload, but not your salary!

#1 - Determine what motivates each team member to meet deadlines and reward them accordingly. Some people are motivated by private praise, others via public praise. Some are motivated by incentives, like trips, technology, etc, while others are motivated by cash. Determine what falls within the organizational ‘allowances’ and test this out to see what works.

#2 - Create healthy competition between team members. The reality is, most employees are motivated by wanting to be the best, or the most likeable, the most talented and more. Research creative ways to inspire people to use their innate desires to take on more tasks with joy AND complete them ahead of schedule.

#3 - Rally the troops around the company vision and share stats on the differences that the company is making as a result of their efforts. People are inspired by results - if they see that their work is making a difference, that will continue to motivate them.

Dedicate time to continually explore research and poll your peers to determine how they repeatedly extract the best work from their team and see what is applicable to yours.

Keep things interesting and energized takes away the feeling of needing to do a lot of the heavy lifting - try it and see!

Stuck in the low dividend trap? Let’s chat and explore ways to have you staying in your zone of genius and leading from your presence rather than all of the things you’ve crossed off your do to list. Contact me here to arrange a complimentary call to assess your needs and create a next steps plan for your continued success.

To your success,

Jennifer xo

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