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Effective Strategies for Marketing That Works with Breanna Gunn

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Having a well-thought-out business strategy is the core of successful entrepreneurship. In this episode, our guest is a business strategist who helps people cross that 7-figure mark and beyond and make sure that their systems, their marketing, their communication, and their content are in line with each other.

Breanna Gunn is also a speaker, a wife, a mother, and calls herself a “roller derby wanna-be”. You can also know more about her and what she does on

As Brea said, “Don't be scared to show yourself to your customers because they will buy more—I promise.”

Tune in and gain relevant and helpful principles and practical tips from Breanna and Jennifer:

• How Breanna’s entrepreneurial journey started.

• The importance of the “planning timeline” and having adequate time promoting.

• “If you feel like your life is out of control during launch, you're doing it wrong.”

• “Expecting imperfection is important, but more importantly is being reasonable with the timeline.”

• People are attracted to your energy—your vibe.

• Having the right kind of people helping with your launch will give you a higher conversion rate.

• How to follow trends but keep what’s unique for you.

• The business models that are sustainable.

• The importance of having a good strategy with authenticity.

• The power of using negative subject lines.

• How to integrate your actual story.

• Repurposing your video content into written content and audio content.

• Why you should leave the editing to a minimum.

• Doing away with the “overpromise and under-deliver situation”

• Applying for LinkedIn’s live feed, utilizing their hashtag system, and being strategic in accepting connection invites.

• How do you decide who you work with and who you don't.

• How to build your A+ Team.

• Give the people you hired the breathing room to grow into who they need to be for you.

• Find Breanna Gunn on LinkedIn HERE or email her at

• Receive high-level support in creating your 7 or even 8-figure enterprise. Apply for your complimentary empire expansion call HERE.

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