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Creating Your Next Level of Power with Desiree Stafford

Desiree Stafford helps ambitious coaches command high ticket fees that reflect the massive value they deliver, accelerate sales with simplicity and ease, and enjoy the freedom of being more of who they really are. Learn more here:

Here are the key points:

  • “Women in their power get along better.”

  • How do we run our business and step into our power without feeling bad?

  • Check in and ask - “Do I want to upset this person or do I want to be upset?”

  • “We can’t ever play small enough so that we can protect other people from feeling whatever they’re going to feel.”

  • Why Desiree believes there isn’t a need for filler in your marketing approach.

  • What led Desiree to become a coach.

  • “When you recognize that giving the world more of you brings more value to people, then you start to give yourself permission to do that.”

  • The three blocks that people have around getting paid more.

  • Why the work around worthiness is critical to getting paid more.

  • “There is always someone who is willing to pay at the price point that you’re willing to charge, but you have to believe in your worth and open yourself to allow you to receive it.”

  • Look at the value that your client is going to get to help you increase your pricing.

  • Why Desiree doesn’t do any Facebook ads / funnels.

  • Her best tips for how you can take your business to the next level.

  • “Ground yourself in your enoughness.”

  • Facebook: DesireeStaffordHPI

  • LinkedIn: desireestafford

  • Website:

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