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How to Effectively Manage Your Business During COVID-19 with Denise Duffield Thomas

Updated: May 7, 2020

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mentor for the new wave of online entrepreneurs want to make money and change the world. She helps women charge premium prices, release the fear of money and create First Class lives.

Her books Lucky Bitch, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, and Chillpreneur give a fresh and funny roadmap to living a life of abundance without burnout.

Her Money Bootcamp has helped over 6,000 students.

She’s a lazy introvert, a Hay House author and an unbusy mother of 3. She owns a rose farm and lives by the beach in sunny Australia.

How do we offer support at this time knowing that we can’t bypass what’s happening in the world? How do we effectively manage our businesses as the world we knew it has changed? How do we get people out of the immense fear that is crippling them right now? Jennifer Longmore sits down with Denise Duffield Thomas to answer these questions and more. If you’re not sure how to manage your business right now, this is a must-listen episode.

Show notes:

  • How to handle the guilt and blame we may have as our business continues to do well.

  • Why we shouldn’t feel guilty for manifesting this situation.

  • The importance of reminding yourself daily that all is well.

  • How she uses EFT/Tapping to calm her nervous system. 

  • The biggest lesson she’s teaching her kids during this time.

  • How to look at your money memories to learn what is triggering you.

  • Why now is the perfect time to heal yourself?

  • How to use ‘neutral money language’ around our kids.

  • “Money and selling is not exploiting people.”

  • Do not assume that everyone is in the scarcity mode right now. People need what we have to offer. People have the choice and discernment whether to spend their money.

  • What to do about selling your programs right now.

  • Outside of the box ways to help businesses that are affected by the coronavirus.

  • What Jennifer is actually excited about during this time.

  • The practical things that you might need to do right now.

  • “Remind yourself that you are a resourceful, creative person and that you can solve things.”

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