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Expert Tips to Thrive as an Event Planner with Dannella Burnett

Updated: May 7, 2020

Show notes:

Dannella Burnett has been in the hospitality and events industry ever since she was 16 years old. She is a culinary graduate and she opened Oakwood Occasions in 2008 as a catering company. She eventually sold this business off and started Encore Elite Events. Dannella is an expert in event production, event services, and event planning. She had businesses in Washington and Atlanta and eventually got to manage and produce events at the national and international levels.

Here are the key points in our discussion with Dannella:

  • The process that she went through with her decision to sell Oakwood Occasions.

  • Her mindset shift that helped her realize she wasn’t limited to just catering, which allowed her to serve people in a bigger way.

  • The challenging moments she encountered with her employees when she wasn’t physically there and how she overcame this.

  • The huge epiphany she had in realizing she was a matchmaker between speakers/sponsors and events.

  • Her best tips on how to gather and connect people.

  • Danella’s tips for hosting their own events.

  • The event has to make sense first on paper.

  • Clear out the things you don’t understand.

  • The budget is important.

  • Mistakes for hosting their own events.

  • Lack of prompting. You have to get where they are.

  • Making it hard for them to make a choice.

  • Not targeting the right people.

To get in touch with Dannella, visit: and check their calendar.

You can also reach her through social media: Dannella Burnett on Facebook at and as well as LinkedIn at

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