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Taking Your Business to its Highest Potential Through Trust with Cyndi Padilla

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Jennifer and Cyndi are talking about the key points on how to take your business to its highest potential. They also discuss how essential it is to cultivate trust in every relationship within the company.

Cyndi Padilla is a Master Team Builder and Motivator. After a successful career in retail store leadership, she has turned her attention to her passion...developing teams!

Have you heard the expression “fail forward”? Sales scale and leverage expert, Cindy Padilla, is the definition of that. She failed to keep her expectations low when she founded Gain The Edge with her husband, Jim, and skyrocketed from zero to 1.1 million in less than two years.

Cyndi is committed to creating cultures of commitment, results and impeccable service, and this commitment carries through to everyone she works with. Her passion and excitement are contagious, and the energy she brings to launches and sales is undeniable.

Listen in now and take away several lightbulb moments that will surely open doors of growth opportunities in sales, as well as your business as a whole:

• In our world, in general, sales has a bad reputation.

• “Sales is not what you are saying in a conversation. It is who you are being while you're in that conversation.”

• The importance of “value and vision match.”

• Bringing in “Gain The Edge” to handle sales.

• The 6-figure hamster wheel.

• Having the trust and the freedom to really take care of the sales aspect.

• How very successful businesses structure their sales.

• “They select, they set the expectations, and then they trust.”

• What’s working right now for the lead generation in the personal development space.

• “Before you can scale, you have to have a proven repeatable system.”

• What’s next for Cyndi and Gain The Edge.

• “It's imperative that we continue to find mentors that have gone where we are seeking to go that can hold that space... that can hold us accountable to more.”

• To know more about Gain The Edge and what the company can do, click HERE.

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