• Jennifer Longmore

Creating What You’re Uniquely Here to Accomplish with JuliAnn Stitick

In this podcast episode, Jennifer is with an amazing guest, JuliAnn Stitick. Together, they discuss what essential personal branding is and how to make it effective.

JuliAnn is an incredible motivational speaker, personal brand expert, and a three-time author. She empowers individuals, business owners and corporate professionals with the knowledge to infuse their unique, personal brand into every component of their business and life. With 23 years of experience, JuliAnn has become a brand impression authority through her proven systems to leverage the personal brand of thought leaders and influencers into communication strategies that tap into an emotional-based, decision-making process. Check out her website on

Tune in now and be filled with meaningful wisdom and practical tips as you get yourself geared in crossing over to your 7-figure enterprise:

• JuliAnn’s background in helping people with their brand.

• JuliAnn’s passion to help people make personal shifts in their beliefs about themselves.

• Why she believes in “just going out and doing it.”

• The important question to ask yourself: “What are you uniquely here to accomplish?”

• “The beauty of purpose is that purpose isn't about you. The purpose is about something much bigger than you.”

• “How much more humble can we be than to serve people?”

• The powerful impact of being yourself.

• The voices that sit on your shoulder and what you should really be paying attention to.

• “It's okay to share your gifts and your beauty and to really share the beauty of who you are.”

• What exactly is branding?

• The 5 branding elements.

• Does your brand actually represent the excellence of who you are in the future?

• The things that we must stop doing.

• The future plans that JuliAnn has for her business.

• Get her gift called “Step Into Your Power” HERE—it's a step by step strategy guide so that you can get maximum results at your conferences and/or your networking events.

• If you know that you are ready to invest in building out your personal brand, and are really serious about it, then connect with JuliAnn and get a complimentary strategy session and a conversation to see if it's the right fit. At a minimum, you'll walk away with some really good insights about your brand.

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