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The 3 Costly C's in Business

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Show notes:

I have the pleasure of working with a lot of high-achieving entrepreneurs, which allows me to not only recognize their patterns, but my patterns as well.

I’ve come to recognize these 3 C’s pretty easily in my clients. These 3 C’s prevent you from building relationships that lead to exponential growth, as well as bringing people to you that will expose you to new, expansive opportunities.

The 3 C’s that may prevent you from expanding and growing your business:

Here are the key points:

Complacency or contentment.

“I don’t really need to do much more, I’m already happy where I am.”

It’s okay to take a breather once in a while.

• Remember to take action for the sake of your vision; not just to make more money.

• Warning sign: Not attracting more clients.

Convenience - there is very little convenience about running a business, especially for service-based businesses.

• Being visible tends to be very inconvenient because we’re afraid of what people think.

• Be okay with people not always agreeing with you.

• Realize that it’s more inconvenient to be invisible.

• Shift from what’s convenient to what else can you create.

Comfort - our monkey mind telling us to stay comfortable.

• Operate from a higher perspective

• Business yoga - stretch out of your comfort zone!

Remember that ‘expansion hangover’ usually happens before or after we break an upper limit, but you usually get sick before or after that actually happens.

How to move beyond this:

  1. Shake up your minds and practices.

  2. Be surrounded by people who are playing bigger, where you may feel uncomfortable.

We are creating a mastermind group of high achievers that would like to be a) in a container with other well-conscious folks b) need support on where to put their resources so they navigate this economic shift with more ease and grace and c) create a better world. If this speaks to you, send us an email at

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