• Jennifer Longmore

Busy is a Buzzkill for 7-Figures

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Show notes:

In this episode, Jennifer shares the truth behind being busy and how it can hinder our capacity to make 7 figures. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive, which she highlights in this episode. Some people need to be stimulated all the time and that’s okay, but for others it’s very important to keep the hustle at bay. She offers you practical advice for what she does when the “busy monster” creeps up on her.

Here are the key points:

  • Why Jennifer manifested a car accident.

  • How her dad’s work ethic influenced her busyness.

  • Her experience with burn out.

  • “Being busy and being successful are not synonymous.”

  • The conditioning that we’ve all had that makes us feel like we need to be busy.

  • “Busyness keeps us distracted from what we might really need to be dealing with.”

  • The reasons, fears and excuses underneath staying busy.

  • How busyness gives the illusion of being productive so we don’t feel like we’re failing.

  • Transactional vs relational relationships.

  • “When we value a relationship, we’ll find a way to make time for it.”

  • Time is just like money — it’s an energy that flows through you.

  • “If being busy was the key to success, we’d all be billionaires because most of us work way too hard.”

  • Business is a symptom of boredom.

  • When we’re bored, it’s because our vision isn’t inspiring enough.

  • Busy is a misdirected way of fulfilling your purpose.

  • Jennifer’s solutions for how to handle being “too busy.”

  • The importance of always asking the question: “What’s next?”


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