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How to Create Financial Resilience with Ann Wilson

Updated: May 7, 2020

Show notes:

Ann Wilson is the best-selling author of The Wealth Chef. She has a TV series: Save Well, Spend Better. She is a Civil Engineer by profession but decided to make a drastic change after realizing things for herself. She is a speaker, entrepreneur, and financial empowerment activist and has been featured in many magazines. She gives donations to small enterprises and foundations that help eradicate poverty and empowers women to do microloans. She also donates a portion of her profit for girls in poor countries to be able to attend school.

Here are the key points in our discussion with Ann:

  • The difference between earning money and living/creating a wealthy life.

  • Her journey from being enslaved with money to understanding that it’s meant to serve us.

  • How she went from nothing to being financially free in 8 years.

  • How we earn money is irrelevant to how we create wealth.

  • Imprisonment and never feeling/having enough.

  • The importance of having a vision and a mechanism.

  • Knowledge + Mindset = Financial Freedom.

  • The 4 money quadrants explained: inflow, outflow, liabilities, assets.

  • How to create resilience by having multiple streams of income.

  • Pyramid of Asset

  • Low maintenance business

  • Stock market

  • Real estate

  • Her advice on what to do with money and what not to do with money right now.

  • Why we should take steps from where we actually are — not what we think where we are.

  • The importance of an index tracker.

  • Why we are not defined by our money story.

You can get in touch with Ann through her website:

You can also grab her book: The Wealth Chef to know more about having financial resilience and money building.

Follow Ann on her social media platforms:




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