• Jennifer Longmore

7 Golden Keys to 7 Figures

Jennifer Longmore is on a mission to help us build conscious wealth in our world so we can live our best life possible. Jennifer has learned a lot over the years with mentoring a ton of successful 7-figure clients. Through this, she's come to realize that there are 7 golden keys that are absolutely essential in creating a million-dollar business with grace and ease.

Show notes:

  • How to uplevel with grace

  • Why we shy away from growth in business 

  • #1 Golden Key: Mindset

  • Journal - where have you handled difficult, uncomfortable things with grace? What aspect of your business are you not handling with as much grace? What are small shifts you can make?

  • #2 Golden Key: Clearing your money blocks

  • The importance of believing in alignment and feeling deserving with your rates. 

  • Jennifer’s history of having too many clients.

  • “Getting to 7 figures is more about mindset than anything else.”

  • #3 Golden Key: Profit Map 

  • “As entrepreneurs, our main responsibility is to hold the vision of the company—to make sure the company is profitable and to build relationships.”

  • What it means to be a steward of our business.

  • #4 Golden Key: Having a Clear Message

  • “It’s our job to clearly communicate our value. Just because people have money doesn't mean they’re going to spend it on us.”

  • The shift from “I help people” to “my business helps people.”

  • #5 Golden Key: Hiring

  • Tips for delegation and creating your dream team.

  • “Most high achievers have a hard time delegating.”

  • People need to come into your business with contribution—we don’t need to be coaching them. 

  • #6 Golden Key: Power tribes

  • How to grow your reach exponentially with power tribes.

  • #7 Golden Key: Mentorship

  • “The combination of desire + a mastermind is what creates the magic and builds wealth consciousness.”

  • The difference between successful people and non-successful people.

  • Apply for a Soul Purpose Alignment Call HERE.

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