• Jennifer Longmore

18 Essential Inner Keys To Wealth Creation

Money is an inside job. The more we do the inner work, the more money and opportunities present themselves. I’ve done a lot of the inner work over the years and have done well with mastering money. These 18 essential key energies are what I’ve found to be essential in growing your wealth. Some of these will be obvious to you, and some are not so obvious. Pay attention to the ones that stand out for you, as these are the ones that probably need some work in your life.

The 18 Essential Inner Keys/Energies:

  • Take full and personal responsibility of your money situation. 

  • Commit to looking money in the eye every day.

  • Get crystal clear on what you DO want.

  • Energy always follows intent—be in gratitude.

  • Become a purposeful visionary.

  • Create new visions regularly. 

  • Celebrate success of others.

  • Surround yourself with positive people. 

  • Know your value and share it with others.

  • Become an empowered leader of your destiny.

  • View challenges as temporary.

  • Ask for help and let yourself receive the help. 

  • Focus on the abundance that we do have in our life.

  • Have money work for you.

  • Learn to take imperfection action.

  • Give yourself permission to have wealth and know that it doesn’t take away from anyone.

  • Making peace with speed.

  • Learn how to bring intangible support.

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  • What are you rocking? Which one needs a little bit of tweaking? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know.

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