• Jennifer Longmore

12 Essential Activities of True Empire Builders

Jennifer Longmore discusses the 12 essential activities to becoming a true influential CEO and empire builder of your 7-figure enterprise. These activities will allow you to make better decisions with your business so you can have a rich and harmonious relationship with money. These tips and tricks are helpful for any high-achiever and forward-thinker entrepreneur. 

Show notes:

  • The importance of making mindset a divine promise to yourself.

  • Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box

  • Jennifer’s go-to activities for shifting her mood. 

  • “It’s a gift for people to be a contribution to us.”

  • How to set a powerful tone for your day and her favorite evening ritual. 

  • Connecting to your vision and how to build a plan around it. 

  • Jennifer’s mission in helping women own more of the world’s wealth. 

  • Why it’s essential to have dedicated “CEO time” and what this looks like for Jennifer.

  • How to make your message clear.

  • How to have a clear sense of who you’re serving and who you’re not serving.

  • Jennifer’s main focus with her clients.

  • How to make people feel that they’re being received. 

  • Creating a solid marketing plan that feels good. 

  • Jennifer’s onboarding process once they’re in her business. 

  • Tips for offering exceptional customer value.

  • Creating exceptional content.

  • “True leaders stay in touch with their community regularly.”

  • The law of reciprocity. 

  • “We don’t have to please everyone with our content—we’re just trying to please “our people.”

  • The importance of having a very easy to follow Operations Manual.

  • You never want to feel hostage by your team members.

  • The art of mastering the sale.

  • We price into people’s money stories instead of our own value.

  • It takes on average 7 follow-ups to make the sale. 

  • Most of the world needs an invitation to work with us. 

  • Why it’s critical to look money in the eyes every day. 

  • Always focus on what’s next—stay in the energy of wonder and adventure.

  • Application for YOUR Soul Purpose Alignment Call HERE

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