High performance for loyal, productive, profitable teams

Hiring great talent for your business — that’s the easy part. 

KEEPING great talent, getting their emotional buy-in to the company, and getting them to produce in a profitable way for the lifetime of their employment — that’s much harder.

The truth is, there’s not a one-size fits all solution when it comes to having a top performing team that can take the company to new heights and smash profit goals.


Every team is different, and team dynamics change as often as the team members or leaders do. 


Not to mention with burnout on the rise and a Millennial workforce who values meaningful contribution and recognition over all other forms of compensation — it’s time to do things differently.

>>>That’s where I come in.<<<


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Through this insight, I created a process for companies to:


Revive teams that are struggling or not working well together

Reduce employee churn rate and increase employee lifetime value

Develop powerful company cultures that inspire team loyalty, leading edge innovation, and creative problem solving

And so much more


Because the truth is, without understanding how your unique teams are motivated, how they best communicate, and what they need to perform their best, you’ll never create a truly loyal team that continually grows the business.


Instead you’ll be stuck with lackluster employees who give you the bare minimum to keep their job, only to leave within two years, so you can pick up the tab (yet again!) to hire and train someone new who will likely quit just when they get good at the position.


This is not a generational problem. 


This is a company culture problem.


Luckily, there’s now a way you can create a company culture that not only attracts and retains top talent, but develops it to boost your bottom line!


Because a cash rich, contribution-first company culture, is one that thrives.



Introducing...the Forensic Transformation Method™


The Forensic Transformation Method™ is all about uncovering your team’s unique behavioral blueprint, methods of motivation, and personal performance matrix.


When you deeply understand your team and put processes in place to nurture their creativity, innovation, and problem solving, you create a dream team of loyal and profitable high performers.

That's why I train teams, leadership, and C-Suite executives within Fortune 500 companies and international businesses to create company cultures that inspire loyalty, innovation, creativity, and leading edge problem solving, while utilizing high performance strategies to increase productivity and profitability.

Here are just a few things I can do for your company...

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I’m Jennifer Longmore, and I’ve spent over 15 years mastering leadership, high performance, emotional IQ, and team dynamics, working with over 100,000 people to plug profit leaks, increase leadership efficiency, and build supportive relationships in a company setting. 

As a former forensic investigator, I was immersed in complex human behavior and relationship patterns to solve cases. Seeing how different personalities worked together helped me understand how creating small, conscious shifts could drastically change the outcome of team efforts.

Consulting Topics



How to Identify Team Dynamics & Behavioral Patterns to Create Profitable, Powerhouse Teams


Creating Growth & Skill Development Programs That Produce Loyal, Profitable Employees



Burnout Prevention Protocols to


High Performance Teams


Develop High Performance Structures For Organizational Teams & Leadership Using Forensic Transformation™


Employee Loyalty: Systems & Protocol Development to Increase The Lifetime Value of Team Members & Decrease Employee Turnover


Emotional IQ, High Performance, & Communication Mastery: Building A Productive, Efficient, and Dedicated Team With Measurable Results


Developing Executive Leadership Styles That Motivate & Inspire High Performance In Teams


Processes For Unlocking Your Team's Individual Superpowers & Creating A

Fulfilling Work Environment

Interested in having me consult for your company? 

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